Monday, March 14, 2011

Making An Inuksuk (Inukshuk)

I have a five year old who is fascinated with Inuksuit. -For those who do not know Inuksuit is the plural of Inuksuk.- His uncle and aunt gave him a book called "Make Your Own Inuksuk" for Christmas and he has made a couple.

This was his first project He was so proud of himself!

These are really simply to make for a child if they love puzzles and such.... The only supplies you need are rocks and glue (I used a glue gun and of course I was the one who glued it together for him once he had constructed it)

As I mentioned my son is 5 so he is in Kindergarten and at their school they count the days of school up to 100 and to make it more fun the students were to collect whatever they wanted to and count their collection at home until it was day 100. On day 100 they were to bring in their collection so they can show the class.

My son decided at the beginning of the school year that he wanted to collect rocks and as it was getting close to day 100 he decide that he wanted to make Inuksuit out of them. So he constructed all his little Inuksuit - all different kinds - and I of course helped by gluing them for him. The rocks that were left over I glued them to a piece of cardboard so he would have a strong base for his little Inuksuit to be glue to.

Here are a couple of pictures of his little project:

Here he is painting the base of his project.

And here is it finished with all eight Inuksuit glued to the base.

Making an Inuksuk is an easy project and I hope your child has as much fun with it as mine does!

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  1. This is an awesome idea! I am the lead teacher of our youth religious education group at Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship in Raleigh NC and our congregation has adopted the inuksuk as our symbol. This will make a great project for our kids to make! Thanks for taking the time to document your childs project.


Thanks for taking the time :)